Relax It’s Your Vacation

Planning your vacation early can increase your happiness by reducing the stress of last minute changes. There are three important steps to take to ensure that you achieve vacation enlightenment. Once you know the length of time you’re going to spend on holiday you can begin planning.

1. First, book your accommodations and lift tickets ahead of time; planning the trip early will save you money. Every year Whistler/Blackcomb allows visitors to buy early lift tickets with up to an incredible 40% savings. Purchasing your lift tickets in advanced will set you ahead of the game as well as the lineup. Include those savings on top of the additional 30% off you’ll receive when you book 7 nights or more with us before November 15th.skifamily_300x2001
2. Secondly, meal planning will help by reducing the search time it takes when trying to locate a restaurant or even a grocery store. It can be a daunting challenge looking for that perfect restaurant, but not a lot of people realize that you can book tables in advance either online or by phone. Time is valuable when on vacation and shouldn’t be wasted on making plans or running around, but kept for the full enjoyment of the slopes!
3 next page. Last, but not least, prepare your luggage and what you’re going to pack according to your environment as well as the events you will be attending. Make a list check it twice; we all know what it’s like missing that very important item while on the road. If you’re bringing ski equipment ensure that it has been prepared for the new season – there’s nothing worse than discovering a broken buckle when you’re on the slope. Place it all in one place until you are ready to load up.

Take advantage of a few of these tips and enjoy the savings and peace of mind.


Whistler Village Beer Festival

The first week of school came and went, but that doesn’t mean Whistler’s mountains shut down. The annual Whistler Village Beer Festival arrives this weekend offering tasty suds from some of the best micro-breweries around.

If you want the inside scoop from talented brew masters we suggest you start at Buffalo Bills Bar and Grill Friday night at 8pm where you can indulgently party with some of the biggest names in the industry. Try not to party too hard or you might just miss the main event on Saturday in the Olympic Village. Invited breweries will have many of their top master pieces available to taste, as well as experimental drafts that won’t be showcased anywhere else. Live music, mouthwatering food and a good social vibe is what this event is known for while the whole village excitedly participates.

Tantalizing smells from local restaurants hope to lure you in with one of a kind menus prepared just for the festival, while pop up shops attract your interests. Finally, make sure you pop in to Dubh Linn Gate Irish Pub where an amazing array of fine artisan meats, cheeses paired with their best casked beer will be prepared for you in an ambiance that resembles a London street market.

This successful weekend is geared for you to enjoy and we are excited to meet all our visitors this coming weekend.


Another exciting month for Whistler, BC as the GranFondo kicks off September. The 122 km ride carves its curvy path through the sea to sky highway’s breathtaking views. Many from around the world take advantage of this amazing race on Saturday, September 7th while riding on two wheels. Every athlete will experience a car-free lane allowing them to ride either in the high paced peloton or amongst their own comfort level.

The GranFondo treats all its competitors with live entertainment, local catering and awards. This year will be like no other as the BC liquor board tests and reviews its old strict laws by allowing liquor to be mingled amongst minors in an outdoor venue. These changes will allow for a more relaxed social gathering and hope to bring in more business. The average demographic seems to be catered to a mature and family crowed making the GranFondo the perfect event to test the possible law change. According to the Pique Magazine, the owner of The Bearfoot Bistro, Andre Saint Jacques says, “For a venue of this nature, it does make a lot of sense.” He is excited to be one of the first to experience such an event with these new changes and hopefully looks to many more to come.

The GranFondo has partnered up with The Whistler Center for Sustainability. This partnership will guarantee ecofriendly use of the land with certified coaching for all the staff to help maintain a healthy and vibrant Whistler. It’s encouraging to see many events that come through here take precautions on preserving the land and all our alpine beauty. We look forward as usual to all the amazing people that attend this wonderful yet challenging event.

Iron Man Whistler

When the Ironman triathlon is mentioned the first word that comes to our mind is hero. Sindy Hooper is a hero that stands out and shines of inspiration and courage. Diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and having already had invasive surgery to remove most of the problem area, she is determined to courageously attend this year’s Ironman in Whistler, BC. Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of death in Canada and unfortunately has a very low survival rate. The natural human instinct when given a time limit on life is to shut down. This is definitely not the case for Sindy, in fact, this could be her first competition performed during chemo therapy. It takes heroes like this to encourage others to not give up, but move forward and continue towards achieving what they love.

Her dream was to make it to Kona Ironman World Championships, but missed the invitational last year by one place. This year she is using her previous five years of training to work to her advantage. A 4km swim, 180km bike ride and a 42 project management process.2km run is not your everyday race; even the healthiest of people don’t fathom attending an event like this! Throughout this physical fallback she continues to live up to the Ironman Motto, “Anything is Possible.” Her forever loving husband, Jon Hooper, has been by her side supporting her in every way. He also affects the world with his loving commitment and friendship to his wife. It’s people like this that make the world a brighter place, paving the foundation through his example of strength, audacity and determination.

Whistler looks forward to hosting the inaugural Ironman Canada in Whistler, BC. We are more than honored to welcome such amazing athletes from around the world, including Sindy Hooper. August 25th, 2013 will be the most spectacular alpine event and if you find your way up here make sure you cheer on a true Canadian hero.



Crankworx is one of Whistler’s top spectacular events and a must when visiting the mountain in the summer. For over 10 years athletes from around the

Caution Steps Ahead

Caution sign that dramatically depicts a bicyclist falling headfirst down a steep staircase.

world compete in one of the toughest, yet most beautiful competitions in North America. Red Bull Joyride will test drive your comfort level but will also be the biggest thrill of your visit. The gnarliest of jumps, tricks and gravity defying styles test athletes and push them beyond their limits – leaving the crowd at the edge of their seats anticipating the outcome. The 2012 winner of the Joyride, “Thomas Genon,” proved to be fearless by completing stunts unimaginable to the human mind and conquering them. Also known as “la Frite” Trick Machine, began his awesome MTB journey at the young age of eight and progressed into one of the most amazing riders to observe. People boast that watching him is like watching a super hero calculatingly fly through the air, leaving you wondering if it’s even real.

The energy from Crankworx spills into the village with wild festivities. The Budlight Crankworx Concert Series fills the air with relentless beats, driving the already stoked crowds to a state of trance then leading into after parties put on by many of the local vendors. Taking a break from the crowds is never a foot step away from this adrenalin mecca. The gondolas are open during this event to rise above and escape into serenity high in the Whistler Blackcomb mountain. These alpine trails deliver fresh air, sculpted walls and a priceless panoramic view.

Whistler offers some of the best bed and breakfasts as well as hotels and properties to choose from. Many of these places offer <a href="https://www creating a project”>packaged stays that include mountain biking, golf or gondola getaways. Restaurants are many, from local cuisine to international dining, and in conjunction with Crankworx many places offer full coarse meals with new, thirst-quenching beverages created for this specific event.

Don’t miss Crankworx; add it to you to-do list when visiting Whistler, BC. From crazy daredevil athletes, amazing places to stay and endless tantalizing restaurants, your holiday is for sure going to be deliciously pleasurable.

Check out this video:  Red Bull Joyride 2012 – Winning Run

Whistler Summer Fun

Whistler is not only known for it’s extreme winter activities but also for it’s breathtaking and thrill seeking summers. People from around the world set trail for the gorgeous alpines that are sprinkled with an array of vividly colored wildflowers and cascading glaciers that nestle themselves between mountain tops. No matter where you set your focus, there are endless picture perfect memories waiting to drive your senses wild. This beautiful tapestry of natural landscape has something for everyone and here are just a few events and ideas that will definitely spark your need to experience a supernatural getaway.

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