All About Function Junction

Driving up from Vancouver or Squamish, Function Junction is the first area of Whistler that you will reach. It is known well by the local community, especially Whistlerites that are here year-round or in the Summer. It is less well known by visitors, but should not be overlooked for several reasons: It is a great place to visit if you are here for skiing or biking and the weather is bad, or you just fancy a day-off; it is a slice of local life and local industry; if you are staying in a condo or apartment in Whistler it is a great place to stop and grab food/drink on your way up!

There is some accommodation near Function Junction, namely the Whistler HI Hostel. This is a good option for backpackers or younger visitors. The distance does make it a little inconvenient for daily trips to the ski hill or bike park, but there is a regular bus from Function Junction to Whistler Village.

So why stop here on your way up to grab supplies..? Firstly because the supplies on offer are delicious, secondly because you will be supporting local economy by spending your money in locally owned businesses! For your groceries the Olives Market sells organic food and drink including meat and dairy products. Purebread is a real locals’ favourite and sells pastries, cookies, bread and more. For your alcoholic needs the Whistler Brewing Company sells really tasty beer, brewed right here in Whistler.

There is also a re-use it centre in Function if you are in need of any sports gear and your budget is a little low. Or if you are in need of some clothing for a fancy dress party.

If you having a day-off from skiing or biking and thinking to visit Function Junction, there are several activities to keep you busy. For the more active people, or those looking to keep their kids busy, Whistler Bounce is a warehouse full of trampolines and fun things. A couple of hours can easily pass by in there and it’s great exercise too! Be sure to call and check opening times before you set-off as it can be closed or booked for private parties.

If you are more in the mood to unwind, there are a couple of great coffee houses/bakeries. Purebread as I have already mentioned is a great place to indulge your sweet tooth, and they serve fresh coffee. The Lift Coffee company also has a shop in Function and serves delicious organic coffees. For a more hearty feed the Wildwood Bistro is great option, and often recommend by locals.

The Whistler Brewing company also serves food, and has a little patio area during summer. You can also go on a tour of the brewery and learn more about how they make their beer so tasty.

Another excellent tour for the skiers and snowboarders is the Prior Factory. They make skis and snowboard right here in Whistler, and they do a damn good job too! They have a little store if you are keen to buy a beanie hat, cap, t-shirt or backcountry accessories, but the factory tour is our real recommendation.

While it is a an excellent day out in the Winter months, it is also the hub for some great hiking and bike trails in Summer, and there are a couple of bike stores/service centres if you are having mechanical issues. One of the more famous sight seeing/hiking trails is to the Whistler Train Wreck. The Flank Trail is also accessible via Function Junction and provides great views and access to many of Whistler’s descending bike trails.

Summer or Winter, coffee or beer, relaxing or exercising, Function Junction has a lot to offer.