All About Whistler Creekside

Creekside is an often overlooked area of Whistler when people are searching for accommodation. Hopefully this page will give you an insight into the area, and increase your options next time you book a vacation in Whistler.

The Creekside gondola was the original Whistler gondola, as Creekside was the original base and Whistler mountain hub. Over time that focus has shifted to Whistler Village, and in particular the skiers plaza. This does however mean that accommodation is priced a little lower in Creekside compared to the Village, so you get a little more bang for your buck!

While Whistler Creekside might not have the massive range of services and amenities as the Village, it does have all of the necessities. The are a handful of restaurants, including a few very nice ones and a couple of cheaper more family orientated ones. The Red Door, and Rim Rock are excellent, where as Creekbread offers a great atmosphere and excellent pizzas at a more affordable price.

There are a couple of well known bars in Whistler Creekside such as Rolands, which is popular with locals and shows sports, has bingo nights and lots of other fun stuff! Dusty’s is located at the base of the Gondola, so is an obvious choice for Après-ski.

There is a gas station with convenience store, as well as a super market in the heart of Whistler Creekside.

In terms of accommodation are a few budget option lodges and a couple of luxury lodges. The accommodations at the ski base offer the most convenience, with a minimal walk to the lifts, convenient parking, and the avoidance of traffic (for the most part). For mid-range and entry level options consider Lake Placid Lodge which you can book at

A word of caution during the winter season… the ski down to the base is a little more advanced than in Blackcomb and Whistler Village, so if you are keen to ski home with your kids or beginner friends then Creekside might not be the best option. The gondola only runs in Winter too, so if you are coming in Summer and intend to head up the mountain then Blackcomb or the Village might be better options. However if skiing and snowboarding are your primary focus then Whistler Creekside is great for getting up the mountain early, having a nice meal, maybe a few relaxing drinks, and getting up early again the next day!