All About Whistler Village Main

The Whistler Village is Whistler’s social hub, it’s a hive of activity, and it’s the place where many people chose to stay while visiting this beautiful place. The Village surrounds an area called the village stroll. This is a pedestrianised street that meanders through the heart of Whistler, with shops, eateries, and accommodation either side of it.

There is so much in the way of amenities and accommodation in the Whistler Village that we have decided to break it down into two halves: Whistler Village North; and Whistler Village Main. It is a bit condescending to Village North to call the other half Village Main, but I think this is a fair reflection of the two halves importance in the minds of visitors and of how much time visitors spend in either half. In my opinion the main reason for this is the location of the chairlifts and gondolas. These are the reason the majority of people visit Whistler: to ski; mountain bike; or sightsee on either Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain.

Although it is only a few minutes walk to the gondolas from Village North, nothing beats the convenience of staying in the main part of Whistler Village. Although that convenience often comes at a premium. It is also worth noting that the convenience can often be offset by the lack of tranquility in much of the accommodation in Whistler Village. But that is the result of the bustling bars and restaurants, nightlife, and pure volume of people found in Whistler Village.

The gondolas are found at the south end of the Village stroll in an area called Skiiers Plaza. As well as being the main access point to the mountains, the Plaza is also host to many events. In winter the weekly fire and ice is held in the plaza at around 6pm. In the spring the plaza plays host to live music at the Ski and Snowboard Festival. In summer the world famous Crankworx Festival is focused around the Skiers Plaza. The Plaza is surrounded by bars and eateries and is the obvious and ideal place to apres-ski.

There is plenty of accommodation in Skiers Plaza too, such as the Pan Pacific, The Hilton and The Westin, and Carlton Lodge. If you want to be close to the gondolas, then these spots are hard to beat. But be aware they are not ideal if a good nights sleep is high on your list of priorities. The Skiers Plaza wakes up early and goes to sleep late!

Just behind the Plaza is the the Sundial Crescent with hotels such as Whistler Village Inn and Suites and the Sundial Hotel. If you follow the Village Stroll north of the plaza you will reach the Village Square. Not only does the accommodation get a little cheaper here, but there are also some good value ski rental shops and bars around the Village Square. That one minute walk from the plaza makes for a big difference in price! The Village Grocery, liquor store and pharmacy are also in the Village Square. Our local tip here is in the Rainbow Building, where you will find Spicy Sports for your ski rentals, Gone Eatery for your organic espresso coffee, and Whistler’s Bookstore. The entrance ti the Village Square is the main drop-off point for buses and taxis.

Keep following the Village stroll out of the square and you will pass many shops and may more eateries, including Cowes Ice Cream Parlour which is always a hit with kids! Hotels such as the Peak Inn and Pan Pacific Village can be found here. Whistler’s Visitor centre is also near by and is a great source of information and a place to book your activities.  This section of the Villager Stroll is home to Maxx Fish nightclub and Tommy Africas night club, so be aware if you are planning to stay around here!

In short the Main Whistler Village is a great place to visit and be social, but not always the best option for accommodation. Come here to get your equipment rentals, food, book activities, and of course access the amazing mountains!