5 Tips for Driving to the Squamish Valley Music Festival

This year’s Squamish Valley Music Festival is set to be a huge, incredible event, with approximately 35,000 people expected to attend. The majority of these visitors will arrive by car, which can mean traffic jams and long waits. Make the most of your trip to the festival, and spend less time in your car with these five tips.

  1. Go Early, Stay Longer. Arriving in the area a day or two early will ensure you miss the worst of the traffic. It will also allow a little extra time to relax and prepare for the festival itself by stocking up on supplies and exploring the area. The same applies to heading home after the festival. Stay another day to avoid the mass exodus leaving the area at festival’s end.
  2. Carpool. The fewer cars you are trying to get to the festival, the easier it will be. Gather a group of friends planning to go and take a single vehicle. Fewer cars means less traffic, and it also means you’ll pay less in parking fees at the festival.
  3. Arrive from the North. The vast majority of the traffic heading into the Squamish area will be coming from the south, heading up from the Vancouver area and other southern cities. Combine this tip with the first tip and check into a Whistler hotel a day before the festival. You can then head south from Whistler to the events and miss the major traffic coming from the south.
  4. Park and Ride. If you’re driving up and staying the weekend in Whistler, leave your car at the hotel and take the shuttle into the festival grounds. Shuttles are available for a fee and will drop you at the festival and take you right back to your hotel at the end of the day. You’ll fight less traffic and let someone else navigate the roads. Shuttles are also available directly from Vancouver.
  5. Camp at the Festival. Campers get reduced parking fees and won’t have to drive anywhere once they arrive. Settle into your campsite and walk to the festival daily. You can leave your car in a secure parking area and not worry about it.