Q&A w/ Canadian National BBQ Championships’ Helluva “Q”

bbqWR: Your name, Helluva “Q”, seems like it must have a story behind it, would you care to share?

Helluva Q: No story, just sitting around having a few beers and running through a bunch of names and making sure it wasn’t already being used it project plan.

WR: How long have you been BBQing and how did you get started?

Helluva Q: Started 10 years ago with our friend Kevin Lunn who went into Well Seasoned Store and saw a BBQ class and found out about one in Whistler. He went and then we competed.

WR: What sparked your team’s interest in competing in Bulleit Bourbon Canadian National BBQ Championships ?

Helluva Q: Just the fun of the people

WR: Helluva “Q” is competing in the Canadian National BBQ Championships in Whistler, BC. Will you be competing anywhere else this year?

Helluva Q: Just a couple this year. We were at the Red Barn Burner in Chilliwack. Canadian Festival of Chili and BBQ, McKinley Springs Vinyard and Mount Lake Terrace.


Canadian National BBQ Championships at Dusty’s Bar & BBQ.

WR: What is your top five must have ingredients for BBQ?

Helluva Q: Spices, mustard, Charcoal, Meat and Tequila.

WR: A lot of BBQ gurus swear by their secret ingredient, do you have one?

Helluva Q: If we tell you if wouldn’t be a secret.

WR: If you could only BBQ one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Helluva Q: Burgers.

WR: What advice would you give to somebody who wants to begin competing in BBQ?

WR: Stick with it. The teams are great and there is always help.

The best of the best BBQ pit masters will be going head to head at Dusty’s Bar & BBQ in the Creekside area of beautiful Whistler, BC.
Starts: 07/31/2015 5:30PM
Ends: 08/02/2015 4:30PM
Dusty’s Bar & BBQ
P.O. Box: 2040 London Lane
Whistler, BC
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