Another exciting month for Whistler, BC as the GranFondo kicks off September. The 122 km ride carves its curvy path through the sea to sky highway’s breathtaking views. Many from around the world take advantage of this amazing race on Saturday, September 7th while riding on two wheels. Every athlete will experience a car-free lane allowing them to ride either in the high paced peloton or amongst their own comfort level.

The GranFondo treats all its competitors with live entertainment, local catering and awards. This year will be like no other as the BC liquor board tests and reviews its old strict laws by allowing liquor to be mingled amongst minors in an outdoor venue. These changes will allow for a more relaxed social gathering and hope to bring in more business. The average demographic seems to be catered to a mature and family crowed making the GranFondo the perfect event to test the possible law change. According to the Pique Magazine, the owner of The Bearfoot Bistro, Andre Saint Jacques says, “For a venue of this nature, it does make a lot of sense.” He is excited to be one of the first to experience such an event with these new changes and hopefully looks to many more to come.

The GranFondo has partnered up with The Whistler Center for Sustainability. This partnership will guarantee ecofriendly use of the land with certified coaching for all the staff to help maintain a healthy and vibrant Whistler. It’s encouraging to see many events that come through here take precautions on preserving the land and all our alpine beauty. We look forward as usual to all the amazing people that attend this wonderful yet challenging event.