Kuba Oms | Squamish Valley Music Festival

The Squamish Valley Music Festival starts today! To kick off the event we have another great interview with the very talented artist Kuba Oms. For more information about his appearance, please visit the official site.guy

How did you get started in music?
Singing around bonfires in high school. A bunch I my buddies had a hot band and I got the music bug from them.

Tell us a bit about the new album ADHD:
I realized during the recording of the album that I do indeed have ADHD. It explains a lot about my life and it is reflected in the recordings.

What inspires your musical process?
Life experience. We all go through so many ups and downs and I find it therapeutic to put my stories into song.

What’s more fun: small shows or festivals?
Festivals! No brainier.

Tell us about the best show you’ve ever played:
We opened for the Chemical Brothers and DJ Shadow a while back – that was a special show for us:)