Top 5 Dinning Experiences in Whistler BC 2013

Whistler BC is known for its gorgeous natural surroundings and its growing savoir faire for gastronomy. Many of the locally owned restaurants take a conscious effort to only produce organically sustainable food choices. We compiled some of the best restaurants that not only cater to an exquisite palette but also an impeccable dining experience.

Our Top 5 2013 Must-Visit Restaurants

Rim Rock Café is quality and fine dining when looking for epicurean delight. Best known for its award winning fish and game many locals and visitors return time after time for its deep mouthwatering flavors. These ingredients are carefully picked and the delicious dishes created with care by Chef and owner, Rolf Gunther, whose impressive culinary history has been enjoyed as far away as Switzerland. Dining experience goes hand in hand with the food and nobody knows best than Rim Rock’s manager, Bob Dawson who ensures that every visit is as enjoyable as the food.

Barefoot Bistro is an exceptional place that offers local ingredients with an international twist. Your senses will be brought to life with vivid colors and aromatic fragrances. Executive Chef Melissa Craig creates the most intrinsic dishes paired with the deepest flavors. She carefully considers each ingredient before plating this delectable international cuisine visit this web-site. The bistro is well known for the Belvedere Ice room that is set at a crisp -32c and houses over 50 different Vodkas cooling on thick ice shelves. Live music and entertainment accentuate the warm welcome of this delightful dining experience.

Creekbread is new to the neighborhood but has made a great impact on the locals. They take pride in organic local community farming and have an easily accessible menu for all people. Warm wood fires in a handmade clay oven bake mouthwatering pizzas from hand crafted, flatbread dough. Owners George Schenk and Jay Gould wanted to create a restaurant that is authentic, truthful and real, that also truly reconnects people to nature. This place has definitely done so and it shines throughout.

La Bocca prides itself on the fresh and ethically certified seafood and meats. As partners in the Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise program, they only produce dishes that have been sustainably selected with interest in fresh locally sourced products. The produce is handpicked from North Arm farm only a short drive north from the restaurant itself. With their ethical inspiration come many dishes that will not only keep you coming back for more but your taste buds will be praising any choice you make.

Splitz Grill is all about burgers, burgers and more burgers. Splitz is another business committed to organically sourced products. From Saltspring Island lamb to free range buffalo and turkey are just a few of the top notch ingredients that make this burger joint one to visit. This place doesn’t just cater to the carnivore but also the traveling vegetarian with their famous Spicy Lentil Burger. Your choice of toppings and loaded extras make sure nothing is left out of the flavor arena.